Pallet Moving System Could Prevent Tragedy

Pallet Moving System Could Prevent Tragedy

By on Jun 11, 2013 in PowerDeck, Safety |

Safety is king in industry and manufacturing today, but unfortunately the emphasis from the top doesn’t always mean follow through on the loading docks and parking lots of our nations factories.  This recent article from Material Handling & Logistics News talks about 5 deaths due to fork lifts in Idaho alone.  The sad part about these incidents is that they could all be avoided.  The PowerDeck is made to keep workers out of the way and out of the back of vans throughout the loading process decreasing injury risk significantly. The Powerdeck is a pallet moving system that was created to prevent just that.

So remember to be safe, follow the OHSA standards, and use a PowerDeck for your van cargo transportation needs.


As you see the PowerDeck pallet moving system has the capability to keep workers and van operators safe and potentially save companies thousands in liability costs.