PowerDeck “Powers” Weller Truck

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Weller Truck uses the PowerDeck daily to move over 4,000 lbs of engine blocks.

The PowerDeck has built up a loyal following over the past few years and Weller Truck, based out of Grand Rapids, MI, is one of those companies.  This past week, I had the chance to sit down with Jason Skantze who serves as the Dispatch Team Leader and ask him a few questions about just how the PowerDeck has helped Weller TruckHere are a few of the comments he made that stuck out to us.

Interview with Weller Truck Dispatch Team Leader – Jason Skantze

Sam Nichols (PowerDeck Sales Manager) :  How does the PowerDeck help the bottom line of your company?

Jason Skantze:  The biggest asset (the PowerDeck has been) to our bottom line has been the reduction in the wear and tear on the vehicles we have it installed in. By utilizing the PowerDeck, we are able to load and unload our fleet vehicles without dragging heavy items across the bed. This lessens the load on the vehicles brakes, suspension system as well as the decking materials because the product can easily glide from the front of the truck to its rear.

SN:   What is the biggest headache that the PowerDeck has solved for your company?

JS:  The biggest advantage the PowerDeck has given us is allowing us to “PowerDeck” the materials to the absolute back of the vehicle.  Now we can unload our fleet vehicles with fork lifts much easier than before. That change alone has greatly improved the efficiency of our loading and unloading.

SN:   What do your drivers think about the PowerDeck?

JS:  All of our cargo van drivers have come to love the versatility that PowerDeck gives us. They no longer have to lift or drag heavy items onto the back of our trucks. We lower items on the tail of the vehicle and let the PowerDeck to the rest.