New Load Plates Perfects Handling Pallets

New Load Plates Perfects Handling Pallets

By on Jul 9, 2013 in Additional Products |

Load PlateFor years, we here at Barnett Manufacturing have sold the PowerDeck with basic traction strips to ensure proper grip when handling pallets. This month, after nearly 6 months of testing, we are excited to release an updated load plate that have even more grip than previous versions.

The new load plates are specifically constructed to actually expose additional grit to the load as they wear as opposed to the grit withering away from handling pallets as frequently as most of our customers do.

The new load plates will come standard with any PowerDeck order, but we also are selling them as an accessory. If you are interested in buying a set of these new load plates, click here and tell us how many pair your want. We know that these will add even more value to your PowerDeck and increase your ability for safely handling pallets.