PowerDeck Decreases Driver Downtime

PowerDeck Decreases Driver Downtime

By on Oct 24, 2013 in PowerDeck, Safety |

pallet handling example 1The DOT’s new Hours of Service rules are forcing companies to look for any opportunity that decreases driver downtime due to loading and unloading.  Some companies are even going so far as spending thousands of dollars on infrastructure to ensure that every minute of the drivers legal driving hours are being used.  (see the examples discussed in a recent Material Handling & Logistics article).

That brings us back to the Power of the PowerDeck!  The PowerDeck has the potential to decrease driver downtime by up to 75% in some applications.  Consider the savings in the following scenarios…

  1. Instead of jumping in a box truck, wrangling a pallet jack, and pushing/pulling to cargo to the back of the truck, the driver can open the doors and press a button.
  2. Instead of crawling into the back of a cargo van to hook up a chain and drag the cargo out, the driver can simply press there reverse button and the cargo will safely and quickly move to the back of the van.

The examples could go on, but the key is that the PowerDeck can be applied to help in these situations for vehicles that are impacted by the new Hours of Service rules.  In the past, most of our PowerDeck’s have gone in Sprinters and other cargo vans but we expect that to change as carriers above the 10,0000 pound threshold look to meet the new restrictions and decrease driver downtime.

For a better look at just how much the PowerDeck decreases driver downtime, check out the following video for a side by side comparison.