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  Fiat Chrysler has announced that a new van based off the European Fiat Doblo will enter the U.S. compact van market. The new Ram Promaster City will go on sale in early 2015. Some small businesses do not need the large capacity of a traditional cargo van Smaller more agile vans are increasing in demand, especially in urban areas. Fiat Chrysler looks to find a niche in the U.S. compact van market among similar offerings from Ford and Nissan. “Ford sold 4,222 Transit Connect cargo vans in May, a 14 percent jump from a year earlier and the Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker’s best sales month ever. Nissan, the No. 2 Japanese automaker, reported 1,203 deliveries of its NV200 model during the same period, almost quadruple the number from a year earlier.” Read More The growing compact van market leaves plenty of room for new competition. The Ram Promaster City will be the first vehicle in it’s class to offer a nine speed automatic transmission. With almost 132 cubic feet of cargo space, the Ram Promaster City will have plenty of space for cargo. The PowerDeck by Barnett Manufacturing speeds up deliveries for cargo vans of any dimension. We custom fit every PowerDeck to a clients specific van. Contact us today for special offers and a...

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“Some companies just don’t need large cargo vans, but until recently that’s about all that was available” Read the full article here. Large cargo vans can be inefficient for some shipping operations, as some companies do not need a large amount of cargo space. The Nissan NV200 is part of a growing segment of smaller cargo vans. As Small businesses are shipping more products than ever, smaller more agile cargo vans are more suited towards delivering smaller shipments, or one or two heavy items. With an efficient design, including a passenger seat that folds over into a desk, the Nissan NV200 gets the job done for small business. Shipping product quickly and efficiently has never been easier. The PowerDeck by Barnett Manufacturing increases efficiency in loading and unloading. The PowerDeck eliminates the need to drag pallets across van floors, and optimally distributes payload. In short, your van will last longer and look better with the PowerDeck. We build to order and are ready to install in any make/model. Contact us today for a quote and see how much the PowerDeck by Barnett Manufacturing can save you! Save time, save money, invest in the PowerDeck for your cargo van!...

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