How Does It Work?

The PowerDeck is a pallet positioning system that was created to serve van users in the expediting industry.

Check out the video below for a quick look at how the PowerDeck is changing the way expeditors across the country are handling their pallets.

The PowerDeck pallet positioner with completely change the way you load, transport, and unload your cargo.  Imagine…

  1. No more using a forklift to yank the pallets out of the van.
  2. Eliminate traction problems caused by ill-positioned cargo.
  3. Reduce the amount of climbing in and out of the vans.
  4. Cut your load/unload time in half! (Don’t believe us?  Watch it here!)

More importantly, the PowerDeck will both save and make your company money!  Check out the following advantages…

  1. ›Increases Efficiency –  ›More deliveries per day leads to increased worker productivity.  (Find out more!)
  2. ›Protects the Company – ›By avoiding just 1 damaged shipment or 1 workers compensation claim will pay for the cost.
  3. ›Protects the Van – Traditional loading methods wreak havoc on van transmissions and suspensions leading to increased maintenance costs. (Find out more!)

Still not sure why you need a pallet positioner that can ensure your loads are in the right spot?  Click here to find out.