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PowerDeck in Inontime TruckThis page contains recent news about the PowerDeck, pallet handling systems, the commercial freight and logistics market, cargo van shipping, and commercial van accessories.  We here at Barnett Manufacturing Company, the makers of the PowerDeck, want to make sure that our users are as connected as possible to the changes in the logistics and freight markets.

PowerDeck News

Check back weekly for insightful updates on the cargo van market and the latest in pallet logistics.  In the meantime, make sure that you follow us on twitter and like us on facebook for even more information that could effect your business’ bottom line.

PowerDeck Canada Becoming A Reality

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This past week, we finalized an agreement with Canadian rep agency JW Sales to represent the PowerDeck in the Canadian province of Ontario.  JW Sales, spearheaded by owner/operator Jeff Walker, is excited about joining our team and strongly believes in the potential of the PowerDeck to meet the needs of a quickly growing cargo van market.  For additional information on Jeff Walker or PowerDeck Canada sales options, please feel free to email him at jeff@jwsales.com or contact...

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Are You Going Through Too Many Pallets?

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 A recent report in Material Handling & Logistics News stated that pallet consumption will rise 3.5% annually through 2017.   That got us at PowerDeck thinking?  How many of these pallets are unneedingly being destroyed because of users dragging them out of the back of vans when they could keep them intact and save money by using the PowerDeck.  If you haven’t seen the different the PowerDeck can make, check out the comparison video below. Loosing Traction? Click here to find out how you can save your company money and liability on the hazardous winter...

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Pallet Moving System Could Prevent Tragedy

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Pallet Moving System Could Prevent Tragedy

Safety is king in industry and manufacturing today, but unfortunately the emphasis from the top doesn’t always mean follow through on the loading docks and parking lots of our nations factories.  This recent article from Material Handling & Logistics News talks about 5 deaths due to fork lifts in Idaho alone.  The sad part about these incidents is that they could all be avoided.  The PowerDeck is made to keep workers out of the way and out of the back of vans throughout the loading process decreasing injury risk significantly. The Powerdeck is a pallet moving system that was created to prevent just that. So remember to be safe, follow the OHSA standards, and use a PowerDeck for your van cargo transportation needs. As you see the PowerDeck pallet moving system has the capability to keep workers and van operators safe and potentially save companies thousands in liability...

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Updated PowerDeck Videos

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We have updated a few of our videos to show you just how simple and effective the PowerDeck can be.  See the three new PowerDeck videos...

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PowerDeck East Coast Rep Agency Added

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Starting June 1, the PowerDeck East Coast representatives will be H&W Marketing Associates who are based out of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Massachusetts.  The premier rep company has been serving the Heavy Duty industry in the northeast for over 20 years and has a great set of connections with that industry to help dealers sell and install PowerDeck locally.  Their territory includes the states of: Maine Vermont New Hampshire New York Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware Maryland Virginia We are very excited to have H&W Marketing Associates on board and look forward to working with them to spread the word of the potential of PowerDeck throughout the Northeast.  They join a rep network that has now expanded to include 37...

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The PowerDeck will be at the Expedite Expo!

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We look forward to seeing you all at the 2012 Expedite Expo!  Make sure you stop by and see if the PowerDeck can help your company save money and time. For those of you interested, here is more information on the Expedite Expo....

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PowerDeck Releases Wheelhouse Guards

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Our new, complimentary product is perfect for any cargo van.  It aids van users by… Protecting the vehicle’s wheelhouse from damage. Preventing rust with 11 GA Galvalume Steel. Creating safe and convenient strap, tool, and small cargo storage space. Get your pair of Wheelhouse Guards today by (clicking...

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PowerDeck Patent Awarded

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The PowerDeck has receiver its pallet handler patent and it is cause for celebration around Barnett Manufacturing.  For a detailed write-up, click on the link below. The Power Deck awarded patent by USPTO.

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PowerDeck Installation Simplified

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At Barnett Manufacturing, we believe in the power of simplicity.  Our recently updated installation instruction outline just how simple it is for cargo van upfitters to install the PowerDeck for the end users.  We were even recently featured in ExpeditersOnline for updating our installation system.  Check it out by clicking the link below. Manufacturing and assembly improvements make for a quick and easy PowerDeck installation...

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