Traditional loading methods wreak havoc on van transmissions and suspensions leading to increased maintenance costs. The PowerDeck protects your vans saving your maintenance budget and extending van life.

DSC06942By allowing the PowerDeck to position your pallets, stress is decreased on the van’s transmission & suspension. What if the PD decreased your maintenance costs by only 10%?

In two simple steps, we can project for you just how quickly our pallet handler can both pay for itself and start making you money.

Step 1: Enter the number below (we suggest you use conservative estimates)

Step 2: Read the immediate feedback to see just how powerful the PowerDeck can be for your bottom line.

Impact on Cargo Van Maintenance Costs


Decrease Your Cargo Van Maintenance Costs Today!

The question isn’t “can you afford the PowerDeck.” Instead, most cargo van owners need to ask themselves “can they afford NOT to buy a PowerDeck.” We would like to help you and your van logistics company get a better idea of how the PowerDeck can impact your individual business today!

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