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powerdeck_diagram_qsm8By solving many common problems that cargo van expeditors and van logistics companies face, the PowerDeck WILL impact your bottom line.

Understanding how the PowerDeck and both save money and make money for your cargo van logistics and freight company, is as simple as 1, 2, 3.  Simply click on each of the three links below and then add up your total savings using the Cost Savings Worksheet provided below.

Step 1: Click Here to download the Cost Savings Worksheet

Step 2: Take a few minutes to run the numbers on the worksheet and see just how fast the savings from the PowerDeck can add up!  Note: We suggest you use conservative estimates on the form.


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The question isn’t “can you afford the PowerDeck.” Instead, most cargo van owners need to ask themselves “can they afford NOT to buy a PowerDeck.” We would like to help you and your van logistics company get a better idea of how the PowerDeck can impact your individual business today!

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